Social Responsibility & Charitable Giving

ManifesThat Social Responsibility; Working together; Friends

At ManifesThat, we strongly believe in social responsibility and charitable giving. To us, social responsibility means striving to build a business with a heart and a conscience so it naturally creates more peace, love and abundance through its products, actions, and profits. Consciously engaging in social responsibility also means cultivating a kind, peaceful and loving culture within a business organization so that its growth is organic, sustainable and does its best to enrich the lives of all individuals it comes in contact with as much as possible. We view our business as existing in a vast ecosystem and believe that by striving to be more positive, kind and loving, we are in effect positively changing the very fabric of our entire planet.  

One of the ways we are doing this is through charitable giving. At ManifesThat, we intend to give 5% of our profits to charity. So, when you purchase our products, know that a portion of that sale will be used to create a positive impact in our world. As a result, we thank you for being a part of a movement to assist individuals, families and communities to thrive and receive resources that aid them in achieving their unique versions of their best and highest potential in life.