About Us

To Our Awesome Friends


Welcome to ManifesThat. You are here for a reason and we thank you for using your freedom and power to intentionally create more peace, love and abundance within yourself, your home, workplace, and any space you are thinking of. By being here, you are already helping to create a planet that lives in more peace, love and abundance consciousness. Because of that, we would like to call all of our visitors, supporters and customers our friends.

Our Mission & Vision



Our mission is to help people manifest more peace, love and abundance through unique, handmade and/or fair-trade products that elevate their consciousness and entire being so they exist and create on a higher level. 




Our vision is to offer products that help all people of all backgrounds create a life where their everyday belongings help them to manifest their dreams by cultivating mindfulness, improving their energetic field, creating peacefulness, showing positive images and simply making them feel good. We want to help our friends achieve their highest potential in life and while they are on that journey, to make it easier with the help of ManifesThat. We are thankful for the opportunity to offer products that help our friends cultivate a lifestyle and a way of being that is conducive to manifesting wonderful things for themselves and those around them.   

About Us

The idea of ManfesThat started organically in the summer of 2017 when two friends, Mark Bautista and Kissa Starr began talking about how they were manifesting more peace, love and abundance in their lives and in the lives of people around them. Mark thought of creating a single product and selling it online, and Kissa recommended they work together. After a few weeks of brainstorming and planning, they thought of providing a website that offers products to help people live a life of peace, love and abundance. Kissa later moved on to new and wonderful endeavors, and Mark is now the sole owner of the company.  


Mark Bautista (President & CEO)


Mark is a native of Los Angeles and at a young age has been interested in living life passionately and looking for ways to positively impact the world. Since elementary school, he has always been a high achiever, an out-of-the-box thinker and envisioned having his own company. He grew from taking most of his school’s various honors and advance placement classes to attending one of our country’s top colleges. After graduating, he wanted to continue learning and have more fun doing it. For the next ten years he immersed himself in books on topics like the law of attraction, manifesting, energy work, spirituality, abundance consciousness, kindness consciousness, gratitude, self-healing and many others along those lines. This journey of learning is an extension of his curiosity stemming from childhood when, at around age 10, he bought his first metaphysical book on chakras in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Over the last eleven years, Mark has worked passionately with various nonprofit and for-profit companies in the areas of making people’s lives better. Mark has a love of humanity and our amazing potential for growth, kindness, love and shared prosperity. As such, he has traveled to many diverse events, seminars and places learning the knowledge and skills needed to make a bigger impact. On his most recent trip abroad, he visited India and was able to visit ancient sites, sit and learn from a real yogi, practice yoga, meditate and briefly engage in charity work serving children in need. As a result, he is happy and thankful to have this opportunity to co-create ManifesThat and help people along their journey in life.